Fool Proof Prospecting Method that Gravitates People to Your Business Presentation

Do you ever 3-way a prospect to a conference call presentation only to find them gone when the call is over? Would you like to know how to keep them on the call even if they have no interest in your business opportunity? Here are a few simple things you can do before the call that will make them feel obligated to stay for the entire presentation.

First, you want to record your initial conversation with the prospect to discover how you are coming across to them. Check to see if you are coming across as someone who just wants to sign them up. If you are, the prospect has no obligation to stay on the phone with you. They know you want something from them and therefore they have no respect for you.

However, if your prospect feels like you truly have their best interest in mind, and this is more about how you say the words in the script not what you say, an integrity issue arises that has them feel morally obligated to stay on the phone with you.

In the beginning of my Network Marketing career people would frequently walk out of business presentations and hang up in the middle of conference calls. I had to get better at really making my prospect the issue, being genuinely interested in them and not leading with my own agenda. I learned how to wrap the invitation to my business presentation around their needs, strengths and goals. The result was a 100% show up ratio.

Your objective is to create an eager want in the prospect so that they are morally obligated to walk in integrity and wait until the end of the call to tell you whether or not they are interested. You will find that prospects are now more open minded to listen to the entire presentation. You have now created a friendship and they will honor that friendship by staying on the call with you.

Again, it is vital to record yourself, making sure that you don’t sound too sappy sweet or like a salesperson leading with your own agenda. When you build a rapport and lead the prospect with their needs, strengths and goals instead of your excitement about the company’s products, services and compensation, they will know that you care and stay with you ’til the end.

Dani Johnson is recognized worldwide as the preeminent authority on Relationship Marketing. She went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in two short years by the age of 23. Dani regularly consults, mentors, and coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals on business, leadership development, personal achievement, marketing solutions, profit strategies, relationship marketing, and team development.

3 Tips to Earning the Big Bucks – The Value of Presentation

The way entrepreneurs present themselves is an important part of how we value them. If you want to earn the big bucks you have to present yourself the right way. You have to create a brand through presentation.

Have you ever gone to Home Depot on the weekend in your grubby clothes and felt a distinct difference in how you were perceived versus when you have attended a business meeting in regular attire? How we feel about ourselves and how others view us has a direct impact on our income.

It always surprises me when someone comments that they are not attracting high quality clients. I can take one look at them, their marketing materials, and how they present themselves and tell them why they have to work so hard for so little.

One of my attractive female clients told me that she was having difficulty establishing credibility with male prospects and that she was unable to charge a fair price for her services. She observed that while she had no trouble making appointments with the opposite gender, getting them to take her seriously was another issue. When I asked her what she thought she could change in order to be taken seriously, she was quiet for a moment. In her former corporate life she wore a suit to meetings.

In her entrepreneurial life she felt that she could now dress more casually in slacks and lacy tops. What she was doing was devaluing herself in the eyes of her target clients. Her impressive credentials were ignored over her very obvious outward appearance. After changes in her dress and price structure, three months later she had turned it around. Not only was she being taken seriously, she was also earning more.

Follow these 3 tips if you want to earn the big bucks and attract quality clients into your life:

1. Professional Dress:

Does a world-class Chef present his delicacies on a paper plate? Does a sommelier serve wine in plastic cups? Does the CEO of a Fortune 500 company go to a board meeting in jeans and a t-shirt? I am a huge proponent of targeting mid to high end prospects. One ways to do this is to dress well. Wear whatever you want during your free time, but when meeting with prospects, dress the part. You know what I mean. Wear a suit. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. You are on the right track when your clients comment on how nice you look.

2. Corporate Identity:

Quality design of your company identity translates into dollars almost immediately. This is an investment in your business and helps to position your company as a successful entity. Do you really think you’ll get quality business with a standard five page website template or a template business card? Custom design of your business cards, website, brochure, and vehicle signage is essential to attracting the big bucks.

3. The Client Experience:

How does it feel to walk into Starbucks and order your favorite coffee? Are you willing to pay more for a cup of coffee at Starbucks over McDonald’s? What image are you portraying when clients walk into your office? How are they treated? Do they have to park in a dungeon? Are they offered something cold to drink? Go out into the parking lot and pretend you are your target client arriving at your office. Create a step by step client experience that will make your prospects feel welcome in your office.

What will you have in your life if you improve these things? How will this affect your business? Through these changes you will change the perception in the mind of the consumer. You will have credibility you didn’t have before. You will position your company to go after quality clients. This means being able to charge more which translates into working less and taking that dream vacation.

Custody Evaluations – 4 Steps For Presenting Your Custody Case in the Best Light

Custody evaluations are often performed when there is a question as to parental fitness in one or both parents of a child, and often during a divorce or other relationship separation. You may request one or have one requested of you. Both parents will be assessed, and this assessment often involves a series of interviews with each parent, interviews with the child or children (if old enough), psychological testing, home visits to assess parent/child interaction, and interviews with professionals in the child’s life, such as pediatricians, teachers, etc. Friends and family may also be interviewed to offer collateral reports. The process of a parenting time study or custody evaluation is intense and can be very time consuming, sometimes taking several months. However, it is a very solid way of ensuring that you have done all you can to protect your children against a threat posed by an unfit ex partner. Here are 4 steps for presenting your case for custody of your children in the best possible light:

1. Give facts as much as possible. Clearly this is a very emotional issue and you may also harbor a lot of anger at your partner if you are divorcing or separating. However, you will come across best if you maintain a rational stance and give times, dates, and events as concisely as possible.

2. Avoid too much emotionalism. Yes, you are very upset about your partner and his or her potential threat to your children. However, if you go into each interview crying and terribly upset, the evaluator may begin to question your stability. It is reasonable to show some emotion, just make sure it is not excessive.

3. Present your concerns in the context of how your partner’s behavior has, or may impact the children. The evaluator is not as interested in how lousy a spouse your partner was to you (though he or she will want to know if you feel you have been abused), as in the impact of your partner’s behavior on the kids. For example, if your partner has had multiple affairs, present your concern that this behavior created an environment of chaos and instability for your kids, and threatened to expose them to sexual behavior with people other than their other parent. If your partner uses drugs, express that you are concerned that your children may be exposed to them. Be sure to be honest about your own shortcomings, as your partner will fill the evaluator in of you don’t. Again, present your failings in terms of recognizing what you did could have created negative impact on your children, and that you are committed to them and to protecting them now and in the future.

4. Provide updates to the evaluator as they occur. As a custody evaluation can take months to complete, there is plenty of opportunity for the occurrence of new events or actions on the part of your partner to support your case. Stick with dates, times, and facts, and present them to the evaluator as they happen, so details are fresh in your mind.

Are you interested in addressing your life challenges from a holistic standpoint, assessing the physical, emotional, and relationship components?

Living In The Present Moment

The other night I was listening to some of my favorite tunes on my iPod as I was coming home on the bus from having dinner with a dear friend. I felt as if I was taking a ride down memory lane. As I listened to each song, I remembered exactly where I was and what I was doing at that particular time in my life. It left me feeling a bit nostalgic and sad for times gone by knowing I wouldn’t be able to recapture them other than in some distant memory. Some memories brought a smile to my face, others I would prefer to forget. Still, they are all a sum part of who I am today.

I notice that many of us often spend much of our present time either thinking about the past or worrying about a future event which sometimes doesn’t even come to happen. With today’s inundation of bad news it has become much easier to fall into this trap. The present moment always seems to elude us which is a shame because we miss so much in life.

Wherever I go I see people engaging in activities other than what the present moment requires of them. For example, I notice people shopping through the aisles of the supermarket while conducting what sounds to me a serious and intimate conversation on their cell phones. I don’t know about you, but if I’m sharing my heartfelt personal problems with someone, I would prefer for them to listen at a time where they aren’t distracted about which brand of canned beans to buy. I can’t tell you how many times I have been interrupted midsentence or the individual I am having a conversation with stop what they are saying to answer their cell phone. In most cases, the interruption could have waited and in my eyes, the moment of a true, meaningful connection was lost. I myself have experienced driving my car only to realize my mind has been preoccupied with so many other things that I don’t even remember how I got to my destination. You could say I was on autopilot. I hope I am not the only one admitting to this!

This holiday season, I invite you to really connect with those individuals in your life, whether they are colleagues, friends or family. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush madness as we busily try to check off all the must do activities on our lists but instead, make a conscious effort to slow down and really take the time to be present with each activity. Write and read each Christmas card, buy each present, decorate your homes and light each candle with love, attention and care. If this means cutting back on other activities that no longer really mean much to you or your loved ones, then do so. Begin to build memories that someday will bring a smile to your face. Time does fly. Make each moment count as much as you can. Before you know it, they’ll soon become memories of times gone by.